Our offer

By ordering us to transport the cargo, you can be sure that it will be properly secured and transported to the place designated for us at a specified time. Thanks to the use of high-quality fastening straps, reinforcements and stops, the transported goods do not move during transport and remain undamaged.

We have a fleet of transport units designed to transport various goods, including ADR. The quality of our services is influenced by a qualified team, experienced drivers and a modern fleet that is always in excellent condition. That is why we constantly invest in new VOLVO and SCANIA tractors and semi-trailers from SCHMITZ, VAN HOOL, and LAG. All tractors used in the fleet meet the Euro 6 emission standard. Each curtain semi-trailer is XL certified.

We offer you the import of non-ferrous metals such as: Zinc (Zn), copper (Cu) or Aluminum (Al). The products we offer are characterized by the highest quality, which means the highest degree of purity of a given metal at a level not lower than 99.99%. For each metal that we import we have the necessary certificates of quality and origin.

One of the most important activities of our company in recent years is the import of gases, both technical such as Argon (Ar), Acetylene (C2H2) or Helium (He), but also food, such as: Nitrous Oxide (N20), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or Oxygen (O2). We offer comprehensive services in the field of import and supply of gases to our customers. We have the necessary quality certificates, along with composition analysis. The gases we import are of the highest quality. We have professional tanks (ISO tanks) that will safely deliver the selected product to you.

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